Conflict in Relationships, Are You Both on the Same Page


In rocky relationships, it is imperative one has an insight as to where they stand in their own eyes, and where they stand in the eyes of their partner. If both persons are not on the same page, or level, in the relationship, conflict is most likely going to be present.

Different levels in the relationship are common. One person may think that marriage is great while the other may think about leaving the other. It is quite common that one partner in the relationship may be living in the relationship because they do not want to be alone. The other person, not knowing what is actually going on, may think the other is ecstatic about them and wants the relationship to grow further. The other person who is there just to not be alone will come to a point where they are either going to bring themselves up to the same level as the other, or they will destroy the relationship when the next best person comes along. These types of relationships are difficult to manage. It seems almost one person is playing a game. It is imperative that the two people in the relationship communicate honestly and directly about where they see the relationship and where they want the relationship to go.

Being on the same page, or level, as the other person I the relationship is critical to the success of the future of the couple. One way to ensure both partners are on the same page is to complete a relationship inventory. This should be done weekly. They must sit down and talk to each other and tell each other how they feel about each other, what they think of each other, and where they see themselves in the relationship. They must determine what goals they will have in their relationship. Goals help determine how they are going to work together on their relationship, and what they want to achieve. Some examples of goals may include getaways to relax together, visiting places where both have interest or one desire to share their interest, how they can become more equal in their relationship, and how they can help each other in their day-to-day lives . Goals are also made for their future plans in their families such as money for college, paying off debts together, and spending more time as a couple or family.

Being on the same page, or level, in the relationship is critical to the success of the relationship. Couples not on the same page will experience difficulties and possible break-ups of the relationship. Discussing the relationship with each other and finding out where one stands in the relationship is critical to staying on the same page. Making goals and having an equal part to the relationship is critical to ensuring both partners are on the same page, and critical to an enduring future.

Source by Kabe Barton

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