Relationship Reconnection


Does it seem like the Grand Canyon is between you and your mate? Do you feel that you are in a dark place of no return in your relationship? Although a person's feelings are intangible, they can sometimes seem like a thing of physical substance which happens to be more than real. That substance may be heavy, hurtful, and physically draining. There are so many people who desire to close the gulf between themselves and their mates, but do not know where to begin. Let me help you find your path to reconnecting to the genesis of your union.

I have spoken earlier about the first step to fixing your relationship. The first step is having a standoff with pride, and you have to be the winner. Pride has to be anesthetized or traded in for humility. If a person can not relax his or her pride, there are no more steps available on the journey to relationship restoration. The Bible says that pride goes before a fall. That concept has been found to be true on more than one occasion. Pride has wounded or killed many men and women in pursuit of happiness. However, humility is the necessary link to a mandatory step that leads to true reconciliation and fire rekindling.

Humble may be the link, but the next step to reconnection is forgiveness. Accomplishing forgiveness can seem like an insurmountable task, yet it is not impossible. It may be daunting, but it is impossible to proceed without it. Some couples have repelled one another for years, and it feels like there is no possibility to reel the love connection back together. Every time that they attempt to step in the name of love, they run into the wall of failures and failures from the past. So many bad memories of disrespect and hurt have been created, that the mental barrier of them all becomes a virtual mountain chain. If this is you, the best way to be unchained is to let go of your end of the chain. Often times; the only thing holding you to the chain, is you.

Have you ever heard of the term, "what comes around goes around"? Have you ever heard, "what a man sows, he shall reap"? You plant a seed of selfless love when you forgive someone. It is a one way sacrifice. God and the universe honors that seed of selflessness with a harvest of love. Why? Selflessness can only occur when real love is present. Therefore, the harvest will bring forth love. I always say that real love is the dye of self for the benefit of another. Jesus did that on the cross. Mothers do that during labor. Friends do this without an expected return. Forgiveness is a seed of love. Planting it is working a principle, and the principle is no resppector or persons. This forgiveness is a painful process that will inevitably yield essential progress. There are many methods to helping a person fully forgive, but understanding that forgiveness is necessary is the key to wanting to forgive. It is relationship reconnection time. Let us begin to plant.

Source by Alphonso Ivy

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